Error Sending to Runkeeper

RunKeeper Free screenshot

What’s happening?!

I’ve been using RunKeeper to track all my runs, walks, hikes, and bike rides for the last few years and have been very happy with their app, their web site, and their service. However, sometime around mid-January, I started getting this error message when trying to upload my activities:

Error Sending

There was an error resending your data to the RunKeeper website. Please check your settings and signal and try again.

My login was correct, and my signal was fine. From searching around, someone suggested I try removing my credentials from the app and try logging in again. Instead, I got this error message:

Error connecting to

There was an error connecting to Please make sure you have a strong signal or wireless Internet access and try again.

I couldn’t find anything on their support site, so I figured it was a temporary blip and kept logging activities for a couple months.

Eventually I discovered that they had stopped updating the old “RunKeeper Free” and “RunKeeper Pro” apps and released one new app, simply called “RunKeeper”. This happened over a year & a half ago. I was still using the old “RunKeeper Free”. Since I just upgrade apps when the App Store tells me to, I never got the upgrade.

I contacted RunKeeper support, which was quick to respond:

Sorry to hear you’ve had some trouble using RunKeeper Free. With the recent upgrades to our servers, it looks like something happened which has prevented the old RK Free from syncing with our Servers. You should’ve received an email from us about the issue, detailing how to upgrade to RunKeeper 3.1 (provided you have an iPhone 3GS or above. Unfortunately what this syncing error means is that your past few activities which haven’t synced up won’t be syncing up anytime soon. What you can do is head to and use our Post New Activity Feature to remap the activity with all the data from your phone before you uninstall the old version and upgrade. If you have any further questions about upgrading the App, feel free to get back to me.

I’m hoping they can turn the old services back on so I can sync my activities from the old app. There’s no way I’m going to manually enter them all in. Plus I wouldn’t have my GPS data–just my activity types &¬†times.

If you’re like me and missed the news, go download the new Runkeeper app.


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