Desert Code Camp

Chandler-Gilbert Community College - Pecos Campus

Chandler-Gilbert Community College – Pecos Campus

This Saturday, April 20th, one of my colleagues and I will be giving a presentation at Desert Code Camp 2013.1 in Chandler, Arizona. Unfortunately, this does not involve any real camping, but there will be a lot of interesting presentations and discussions. Here’s our topic:

Activating Wonder Twin Powers: NoSQL and Relational Databases Unite to Take on Corporate Challenges

Learn how to leverage the advantages of Relational and NoSQL technology together in order to meet growing customer needs for highly available real time information by combining the rich functionality of RDBMS’s with the high availability and scalability provided by NoSQL solutions. The session will walk through decisions made to stand up a highly available internal platform and lessons learned, choosing between database technologies, including how to combine them, and code used to develop against each as well as to manage transactions that utilize both.

We will be discussing how we use and integrate PostgreSQL and Riak, but the concepts, designs, challenges, and lessons learned that we will be diving into would be equally applicable to other relational and NoSQL data stores. There are plenty of other interesting sessions, so even if you’re not interested in this one, I encourage you to attend!


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