Conclusive Analytics Meetup!


Having been inspired by other local technology companies, I decided to organize and launch a meetup group for my company. The goals are to increase brand awareness, attract top talent, and to exchange knowledge with the local community.

Here is the description from the “About us” page:

Whether you’re a data scientist, business analyst, database guru, or visualization artist, or if you’re just data-curious, you’ll find something of interest at our meetup. We will be presenting a few tech talks soon, as well as provide a space for the community to share their knowledge.

We’ll be hosting these meetups at Conclusive Analytics’ World Headquarters in Huntersville (I-77 and Gilead Rd./Exit 23) and there will be free food and drinks. We look forward to meeting you!

Come join the Conclusive Analytics Meetup and I hope to see you at our first event!


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